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Natural Tulsi Seed Essential Oil - Holy Basil

Natural Tulsi Seed Essential Oil - Holy Basil

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Purifying Natural Extract

Best of natural extracts, our Tulsi Seed Oil is enriched with soothing and healing properties in every pure drop.

*Does not alter the taste of the beverage.

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  • Health Care

  • Ayurveda

  • Natural Ingredients

  • High Quality Product

  • Strengthens immunity

    Tulsi Seed Essential Oil contains powerful antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that help boost the immune system, making you less susceptible to infections and illnesses.

  • Enhances mental clarity & focus

    The refreshing and invigorating aroma of Tulsi Seed Essential Oil can help clear the mind, improve concentration, and enhance mental alertness, making it easier to stay focused and productive.

  • Reduces stress for overall wellness

    Tulsi Seed Essential Oil has calming and soothing effects on the nervous system, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. It can promote relaxation, improve mood, and contribute to overall emotional well-being.

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Harnessing Nature's Bounty for a Healthier You

Our herbal product harnesses the power of nature's finest ingredients to promote holistic well-being. With a commitment to purity and efficacy, we offer a natural solution to support your health journey.

  • Add 2-3 drops to your favorite drink

    Drop 2-3 nourishing drops of Tulsi Seed Essential Oil into your preferred beverage, whether it's tea, coffee, or warm water.

  • Mix well

    Stir or shake your drink thoroughly to ensure that the essential oil is evenly distributed and fully incorporated.

  • Enjoy the de-stressing benefits

    Sip and savor your infused beverage, allowing the natural and pure extract of Tulsi Seed Essential Oil to imbibe its de-stressing benefits, promoting relaxation and well-being.

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Supports respiratory health

Inhalation of Tulsi Seed Essential Oil can help relieve congestion, cough, and other respiratory issues by clearing the airways and promoting easier breathing. It also has expectorant properties that help expel phlegm and mucus from the lungs.


Can I apply Tulsi Seed Essential Oil directly to my skin?

It's best to dilute with a carrier oil before applying to avoid skin irritation. Patch test first if you have sensitive skin.

How often should I use Tulsi Seed Essential Oil?

Start with a small amount and gradually increase as needed. Use it daily for consistent benefits, but listen to your body's response.

Will Tulsi Seed Essential Oil interact with medications?

Consult with your healthcare provider if you're taking medications or have any health conditions before using essential oils internally.

How should I store Tulsi Seed Essential Oil?

Store it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat to preserve its potency and freshness.